#bytevaria Nov 22, 2021

Ois Easy start-up support: Indian blockchain start-up sets up first international office in Bavaria

bitsCrunch, a blockchain analytics start-up, has expanded to Europe with their first international branch office in Munich. The company with a co-founder team in India and Bavaria provides AI-enabled securing services to safeguard the NFT marketplaces and thus functions as ecosystem guardians of the NFT space. Invest in Bavaria supported bitsCrunch with their Ois Easy start-up package.

The idea grew out of a hackathon that led the founding team of bitsCrunch to further explore how they could bolster the NFT ecosystem by blending their AI expertise with blockchain technology. The result was the company bitsCrunch that has set its mission on solving potential issues within NFT marketplaces. The bitsCrunch technology enables marketplaces to assess the fair price for NFTs, verify NFT digital asset forgeries and confront wash trades. With customers, such as Rarible, Polygon Studios and ONE/OFF, already using the Software-as-a-Service model to safeguard their ecosystem, NFT marketplaces and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) around Germany and the EU can address to bitsCrunch to protect their offers from potential fraud and manipulation.

Blockchain technology: Important pillar for cross-industry innovation in Bavaria

With their expansion to Munich, bitsCrunch joins the growing blockchain ecosystem which has developed into an important pillar for cross-industry innovation in Bavaria. An increasing number of Bavarian companies across different industries (BMW, Siemens, Allianz) are currently already making use of blockchain technology to improve their services and operations.

“bitsCrunch, being an emerging blockchain analytics company, would want to have good exposure to the Web3 space. That is one of the reasons why we figured to have the registration in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. Being in Munich offers us the opportunity to take part in a lot of activities of the very dynamic start-up ecosystem and to benefit from the proximity to potential corporate partners and clients.”
Vijay Pravin Maharajan, Founder & CEO of bitsCrunch


Vijay and his team are participants in the Ois Easy start-up softlanding package that Invest in Bavaria offers to innovative, international tech start-ups. With the Ois Easy package, start-ups receive three months of free co-working space in Bavaria and individual business plan coaching sessions from the start-up and investor network BayStartUP.

“With the Ois Easy package, things got much easier for us to kick start our German entity. The team from Invest in Bavaria has been instrumental for our first steps in Germany and helped us especially through their network of consultants and ecosystem contacts.”
Vijay Pravin Maharajan, Founder & CEO of bitsCrunch.


Invest in Bavaria is happy to welcome another exciting and innovative company to the Bavarian-Indian start-up community and wishes bitsCrunch all the best for their further growth.

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