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The development and use of new materials are the key to product and process innovations in many sectors, including the automotive sector, mechanical engineering and medical technology. As an interdisciplinary technology, the production of new materials therefore has links to a large number of industries, in which possible customers are waiting for actors from the sector. In Bavaria, these industries with high-tech companies in which new materials are processed are concentrated in material sciences, as is a high level of research expertise.

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cluster stakeholders are part of the new materials sector

Bavaria's New Materials cluster initiates joint research projects, gets regional partners involved, networks business and research in the sector and offers targeted cooperation across different technologies and sectors. This allows fundamental principles emerging from research to be implemented in the production of new materials quickly and the materials which result to be used in further production just as fast. New companies in the sector are supported through a large number of initiatives. The Start-up Center of Bayreuth for New Materials (BGZ), for example, offers good-value premises with the latest equipment for start-ups in the sector.

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