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In an international comparison, Germany is one of the leaders in the research, development and marketing of nanotechnology findings, but also in questions of possible risks for humans and the environment.Bavaria is considered one of the most important nanotechnology locations in the country. Nanotechnology offers solutions for a wide range of industries such as the automotive industry, biotechnology and environmental technology, aerospace, mechanical engineering and the textile industry. Through close cooperation with companies from all user industries, nanotechnology is one of the most interdisciplinary sectors and is therefore considered an outstanding example of cross-industry innovation.

In addition to Munich, the Main-Franconia region in particular has hidden champions in this field, for example the globally active company Multiphoton OpticsGmbH which produces nanoscale and microscale 3D printing. The nanoplus (Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH) company based in Gerbrunn produces special lasers that can be used, for example, to determine gas compositions. This is used, among other things, to check drivers for alcohol in their own vehicles. The Würzburg-based start-up InstruNEXT GmbH demonstrated the importance of the interaction between measurement technology and artificial intelligence (AI) and how AI can further improve measurement methodology. As a result, self-learning neural networks can provide crucial assistance in the evaluation and interpretation of measurement results.

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Bavaria has an excellent research landscape where interdisciplinary research is carried out into nanotechnology solutions for areas such as chemistry, the environment, health and construction. A total of 556 players from industry, research and innovation are active in Bavaria. At the same time, given the enormous potential of this key technology, there is still plenty of room for other players and new developments. In addition to advances in medicine, nanotechnology is also contributing to development in the area of digitalisation, for example, through new types of semiconductors for computers, improved displays and batteries with a longer service life. For new, cross-industry collaborations, it all comes down to the right networking, which is being intensively promoted in Bavaria: The nanotechnology cluster wiith more than 150 partners organises the transfer of knowledge to companies, so that new findings can quickly be turned into marketable products that find many buyers both nationally and internationally.

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