Cooperation Jul 13, 2017

No pain, no gain

Invest in Bavaria wants only the best for all our customers and partners. And we have learnt: physical activity can prevent heart attacks.

The outcome of the brainstorming session on our annual Rooftop Event at the start of this year (2016; 2015) was therefore quickly obvious: we’re going to invite you to a circuit training session on our rooftop terrace at the start of July!

Admittedly, it wasn’t quite as dramatic in the end. Even if one or two people did have a few drops of sweat running down their back and on their forehead, it wasn’t the press-ups or sit-ups that were the cause but ultimately the fantastic weather. It’s possible that some of the guests may have been briefly short of breath – at the sight of the expander, dumbbells, skipping rope etc. – but it quickly became clear: they were all just for decoration (Photo gallery) as the chosen sport of the day was brain training and the equipment required was limited to a sharp mind and business cards.

After the whistle, the Invest in Bavaria staff then stood ready to explain today’s training plan at various stations and act as sparring partners in this spirit. The content of today’s session? In a nutshell: To provide comprehensive insight into, for example, the Invest in Bavaria activities, structure and product portfolio using various practical examples from their everyday field of work. In return, the guests’ individual niches and themes were also of course covered in detail. And not just to really get the blood pumping in the evening but to offer respective customers the best possible introduction to the network they need. No workout is too tough for us in this respect – no training session is too painful!

In our photo gallery you can find some impressions of the circuit training session and cool down afterwards.