Turkey May 26, 2015

Merhaba! Vice-Minister Pschierer visits Turkish companies in Bavaria

When it comes to “German-Turkish relations”, many regard Turkey as being a tourist destination for Germans and Germany as work location for Turks. However, the importance of Turkish companies in Germany is often underestimated. On 6th May 2015, the Bavarian Vice-Minister for Economic Affairs, Franz Josef Pschierer and the Turkish Consul General, Mesut Koç visited two Turkish companies in Garching near Munich and were very impressed by the customised OEM products and the innovative solutions for managing IT security made in Turkey.

Since 1996, Vestel Germany GmbH has made a name for itself on the German market. Many are familiar with brands such as Techwood, Finlux, Luxor, Telefunken, Windsor, but very few know that all these brands are own brands of Vestel and produced in Turkey. 
“For us, there is no better location in Germany than Bavaria. From here, we distribute our own and OEM brands in the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland). The central location in Europe, perfect infrastructure, highly-qualified workers with excellent language skills, customer proximity as well as a very high quality of living are just a few location factors Bavaria has to offer,” says Özcan Karadoğan, Managing Director of Vestel Germany GmbH. 

The second visit was made to Natek GmbH, which just recently settled in Bavaria in November 2014. NATEK offers innovative solutions by integrating big data platforms into security and systems management products. Invest in Bavaria has supported the company's relocation in the region since July 2014. Natek plans to develop new products in Germany and intends to manage its entire European business from the office in Garching.

“In recent years, the Turkish economy has undergone rapid development and has become much more competitive. We are very pleased to see that not only large, but also an increasing number of innovative medium-sized companies from Turkey are taking the plunge and venturing into the Bavaria market. Vestel and Natek are exemplary for successful Turkish companies in Bavaria. We extend Turkish companies a warm welcome to Bavaria and offer tailored support during the entire settlement process,” says Pschierer.http://www.html-cleaner.com

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