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Language and integration courses in Bavaria

A new job in a foreign country. The most important thing to be able to act fast is to learn the language. But the new culture may possibly also be a barrier that has to be overcome quickly. State and private providers in Bavaria offer a variety for both of these. We give you a few tips on how newcomers can make entering employment in our country easier.

“Servus” in Bavaria and a hearty “Grüß Gott” – some readers may possibly have already stumbled over a few language barriers here. Who is Servus and what has God got to do with it?! Moving to a different country also brings one invisible hurdle with it besides the many organisational challenges: the language.

Keep on track with the vexing German language

You can get by with English everywhere in Bavaria. Nevertheless, it is an advantage to know the national language. Opportunities to take German courses at all levels (A1 to C2) on your own initiative are available at the Adult Education Colleges with their wide network throughout Bavaria. Goethe Institute establishments, on the other hand, are represented all over the world. They also often already offer German lessons in your own country. Many private providers also organise language courses on site for staff on secondment or who have just moved to the area.

Tailored support - custom-fit like German tools

As was mentioned at the start, mastering the language is not everything. Cultural differences also play a part when two people face each other. The Goethe Institute therefore also offers courses in Intercultural Competence, for example. The BAMF also has integration courses and in particular a useful brochure for anyone who wants to know, for example, how to have a successful visit with the authorities.

On private providers’ websites there are just as many offers, which are then perhaps paid for by the employer. Relocation services don’t just take care of many tasks to do with the move itself. They also offer cross-cultural courses, for example Fidelio with locations in Nuremberg and Munich, among others. 

Deloitte also organises courses for staff on international secondments, alongside seminars for foreign employees coming to Germany, at many Bavarian locations.

Once you have managed to conduct your first small talk in German in the end and the typical invitation to “coffee & cake” doesn’t cause a crisis in confidence, we recommend the “Bavarian Phrasebook” to top it all off! As there is nothing that gives a Bavarian greater pleasure than a “Grüß Gott” in a charming French, Indian, American or any other audible twang!

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