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Five minutes with… Casper van het Hof, CEO IAZH GmbH

The Munich-based start-up IAZH GmbH was originally founded in the Netherlands and specialises in a service for mobile, at-home vaccination. The company cooperates with a team of doctors and, according to its own statements, combines the advantages of digitalisation with the traditional physician’s house call to make medical services more patient-friendly. At the new location in Munich, further expansion and the development of new business models are being pursued. We spoke with Casper van het Hof, Founder and CEO of IAZH GmbH, about the company’s decision on the location and its further plans in Bavaria.

Can you please briefly introduce yourself and your company?

We provide a comprehensive service for at-home vaccination. This starts with comprehensive information: For example, those who want to find out more about recommended standard vaccinations or special vaccinations for travel can find answers to the most important questions on our websites and As a next step, you can simply book a call-back appointment online and we will clarify all important further questions in an initial telephone conversation. Finally, we set up an appointment for at-home vaccination. This saves our customers a lot of time: the vaccination comes to them, saving them a journey to a doctor's office and time spent waiting. In addition, they receive personal consultation and treatment from experienced specialists.


I am personally very fond of Bavaria – the free entrepreneurial spirit, the excellent business climate and the warm friendships here are very authentic. There is a healthy competitive drive for success and prosperity. Everything is very sophisticated.


Why did your company choose Munich as a location?

The network for founders is particularly strong in Bavaria. Its worth mentioning state institutions such as Invest in Bavaria Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie- und Handelskammer – IHK), as well as international events such as the Bits & Pretzels HealthTech Conference. Munich is also a popular and economically strong location where we could easily envision our start.


Does the proximity to universities and colleges play a role, for example, in the search for suitable professionals?

Yes, that is a big advantage. The distances are shorter, and it’s easier to personally connect with the contacts at universities and colleges. In fact, we’re not lacking the attention of young, licensed physicians either. Following our initial recruitment campaigns a year ago, we received over 100 applications within six months. They all recognise the benefits of a flexible working environment and working hours in the healthcare sector.


What are the medium-term goals of your company? What kinds of advantages does Bavaria offer as a business location for your company?

In addition to, and, we also plan to launch by the end of this year. With this service, we want to offer another area of medical services at home. We hope to both expand people’s willingness to request an at-home visit by a physician and demonstrate that such services are possible. At first, this will involve simple but effective health check-ups for preventive care.


What would you recommend to other DigitalHealth companies before they venture into the German or Bavarian market? What are the biggest challenges when entering a market?

Most importantly, don’t let the naysayers around you divert you from your path.Fortunately, we have been able to involve an excellent and extremely progressive law firm that is unafraid of legal challenges. That has paid off 100 per cent. The biggest challenge is to navigate the legal medical arena. Rally together good, capable individuals around you who are knowledgeable in the legal and medical field.


Bavaria is known around the world for its high quality of life – what are some locations in the Free State where you can really unwind?

I especially like the English Garden in Munich. I go for a walk there several times a week and enjoy the beautiful park and the atmosphere.

I also love Bavarian gastronomy. I have been able to establish a close friendship with many restaurateurs in Munich and have already experienced some wonderful moments there. These memories are very dear to me.

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