innovation Dec 01, 2016

Bavaria is leading the way when it comes to digitalisation – UnternehmerTUM joins the mobility hub

Although the national IT summit took place in Saarland this year, it put its feelers out all the way to Bavaria. As part of the Digital Hub initiative, five German cities were named digital hubs at the summit – and one amongst them was Munich. In the Bavarian capital, the UnternehmerTUM will be expanded as a mobility hub in the future and is thus one of the first five hubs driving the digital transformation in all its facets in Germany.

The hubs should function as digital ecosystems with international reach – a job that UnternehmerTUM has been successfully doing since it was founded. The nomination is no coincidence. Entrepreneurs in Munich and Bavaria find an outstanding industrial environment that is always on the lookout for innovative solutions. In addition, there is a strong R&D scene with university institutions and clusters throughout the whole state which not only achieve knowledge but also network it. UnternehmerTUM plays a central role in this. There are already strategic partnerships with companies from the mobility and software industry, such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, IBM, Man or Siemens, some of which also function as direct founding partners of the mobility hub. Big data, e Mobility and autonomous driving are priorities for new experimental and test platforms. Further activities to strengthen the hub core are planned – as well as working with other initiatives at the location such as Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern.

In addition to UnternehmerTUM, a further four hubs were named at the IT summit; an additional seven will be found in a further application process. To this end, the federal government has imposed various requirements, for example the availability of global field leaders at the location, a start-up community that is networked from the outset, and excellent research and education clusters. The choice of UnternehmerTUM as one of the first hubs shows how good the state is already set up in all these areas.

The initiative is intended to bring the acclaimed hubs into contact with the start-up scene and established companies, in order to make Germany better known internationally as a start-up location. And where could be better than in the Free State of Bavaria, among other things thanks to the programme “Gründerland Bayern” which has already concentrated numerous efforts to support start-ups both financially and constructively.