Airline Apr 01, 2019

Airports in Bavaria: a little bit closer to the rest of the world

Bavarian airports are an essential component of the outstanding infrastructure in Bavaria. They excel with promising technology, exceptional punctuality and new destinations that are appearing on the summer flight schedules for 2019. As a result, Bavaria is getting a little bit closer to the rest of the world and can ideally maintain and develop its economic relations with abroad.

With two large airports among the Top 10 in Germany, air traffic over Bavaria is already well ahead of the rest of Germany. Now, the Bavarian airports are preparing to further improve their position though. For example, Lufthansa has just announced that it intends to relocate more of its capacities from Frankfurt to Munich. The company aims to achieve high single-digit percentage growth in Munich in 2019. One particular focus is on flight connections to Asia: while there are to be more frequent flights to Seoul and Singapore from Munich in future, there is going to be daily connection from Munich to Bangkok for the first time from summer 2019. Lufthansa is also relocating its connection to Osaka from Frankfurt to Munich, in addition to up to three daily direct flights to Tokyo. In future, the airport should therefore continue to grow as a result, continuing the positive trend from 2018, when an increase of 1.7 million passengers was recorded to more than 46 million airline passengers. 

Study shows great potential for growth at Memmingen Airport

The airport is not just taking a big step in terms of growth in Munich though. The smaller airport in Memmingen is also confirming its upward trend. Ten years after its opening, approximately 1.17 million airline passengers fly here every year. Experts involved in a study, which was carried out by the ifo Institute and Kempten University of Applied Sciences on behalf of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, predict that these figures will rise. They are expecting an annual passenger growth of around 3.2 percent by 2028.

Nuremberg airport is making progress in terms of digitisation


And things are looking very promising at Nuremberg airport. The airport has been the first one in Germany to use the “Alexa” language assistant for two years now. Thanks to “Alexa” airline passengers can query the status of their flight, the flight plan for a defined time span or their personal journey to get there. Nuremberg is also a leader in terms of punctuality. Just 21.6 percent of the planned flights did not take off as planned here in the past year, that means 2nd place in the German ranking. The trend for Bavarian air traffic is therefore positive and promises good development in the coming years too. This should strengthen the business location of Bavaria further and intensify links with the rest of the world.

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