Export Oct 28, 2015

Transylvania, Dracula & horse-drawn carts

For many people, these are the first or even the only things that spring to mind when they think of Romania, the country between Hungary and the Black Sea.

But Bavarian business thinks differently. After all, the state's representative office in the capital, Bucharest, has been in existence since 2002 and is used very actively – albeit so far predominantly by companies from Bavaria who want to tap Romania as an export market or who want to oversee the establishment and expansion of sales or production.

But recently, the number of inquiries from Romanian companies looking to expand and seek information about Bavaria as a location and the business environment there has been increasing steadily. The seminars offered by Invest in Bavaria for this purpose were particularly successful this year. The growing start-up scene has led to a remarkable average at events in Banat and Walachia:  more than 3/4 of the companies were from the IT and ICT sectors.

Events such as the How to Web Conference in Bucharest, which is growing considerably every year and has become one of the biggest events of its kind in the CEE countries, show just how good the conditions are over there. By the end of the session, everyone could clearly see that Munich is the ideal location for international expansion with e.g. Bits & Pretzels and the Werk1.Bayern.

In Bucharest at the end of November: The How to Web Conference

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