Technology park and business incubators Feb 10, 2014

The first step is the easiest – technology centres and business incubators

The joy of innovation is a major priority in Bavaria. Over 50 Bavarian technology centres and business incubators help over 1,000 young companies with over 5,000 jobs to establish themselves on the market.

As well as business incubators run by local districts, there are also technology-orientated business incubators for young high-tech companies and technologically sophisticated start-ups from research institutions, as well as specialist technology centres for young companies from the fields of environment, biotech, logistics, energy, medicine and pharma.

The mission of these business incubators is to create the ideal environment for innovative company start-ups to get off the ground and to develop. They offer advice on business plans, provide support in the search for investors, broker contact with authorities, chambers of industry, associations and business partners – and above all offer valuable resources.

First and foremost, these include good value offices, laboratories and production space. Even small areas are easy to rent, and there is no charge for ancillary space such as corridors, toilets and meeting rooms. The entire infrastructure is shared by all the tenants, from conference and meeting rooms to the reception area and even the tea kitchens. As the start-up grows, additional space can be rented quickly and easily.

The number of staff per company alone demonstrates how successful the business incubators are: after around five years, it is more than twice as high as for start-ups outside the centres. The insolvency rate is also significantly lower than for companies outside. One of the key focuses is on information and communications technology, which is extremely significant as a crossover technology in the economy as a whole.

The aiti-park in Augsburg, the IT-Speicher in Regensburg, the EGZ in Ingolstadt, Werk1 in Munich and gate Garching are among the most exciting incubators for young IT companies. Every region has seen impressive success stories:

  • Secomba GmbH, Augsburg. Cloud security specialist. Winner of the Wirtschaftswoche Gründerpreis (start-up prize) 2013.

  • Cedas GmbH, Ingolstadt. Specialist in development projects, a start-up from Existenzgründer-Zentrum Ingolstadt (EGZ), plans to move into its newly built company building in autumn 2014.

  • Ondeso GmbH, Regensburg. Software provider for industrial IT security. ICT start-up of the year 2012 in Germany.

  • Whiteout Networks GmbH, Munich. Provider of applications and cloud services for encrypted email communication. Funded by High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital.

  • AdjuCor GmbH, Garching, near Munich. Developing a minimally invasive heart support system that provides support for the sick heart individually, tailored to the patient's needs. Funded by the Bavarian Research Foundation and involved in a research project that has received EUR 6.8 million of European Union funding.


You can find an overview of all technology centres and business incubators at

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