Settlement Mar 03, 2022

Sustainable holiday search: tourism start-up ActiVales opens office in Bavaria

Focus on sustainable tourism: the Austrian start-up ActiVales has opened its first international subsidiary, ActiVales GmbH Deutschland, in Munich. With the help of a holiday platform, the company wants to strengthen sustainable tourism and facilitate needs-based holiday bookings.

The founding team of ActiVales wants to offer tourists a holiday in harmony with the environment with its innovative booking concept. With this Christiane and Burkhard Klotz and Karsten Schulmann have realised their vision of sustainable tourism – combined with needs-based holiday bookings. “Climate change affects us all, each and every one of us has a contribution to make,” says co-founder Christiane Klotz.

Carbon footprint and sustainability index

The digital holiday platform uses a holistic approach for this. On the platform with integrated online booking and payment system, the region’s social environment in particular is shown in addition to the hotels. In doing so, care is taken to suggest destinations and accommodation to guests that best meet defined criteria in terms of sustainability. The special feature: all holiday suggestions generated by ActiVales will in future be displayed to the guest with the individual carbon footprint and a so-called sustainability or smart index. In doing this, the transparent evaluations of providers are intended to promote sustainable action.

“The German tourism market is very relevant as a source market for Austrian tourism (54% on average). For us it was important to find the philosophy of science and economy combined with social components. Based on many discussions, we have thus decided in favour of Bavaria as a location. After all, Bavaria is the number one tourist destination in Germany. In terms of technical networking, we also deliberately chose Munich in order to take advantage of the proximity to the Technical University (TU). The talks with Invest in Bavaria were also very helpful for us in our decision to found the company. Since we see ourselves as a European project, a central location with corresponding support options was of course also important for us.”
- Burkhard Klotz, CEO ActiVales

We are very pleased that Invest in Bavaria was able to support ActiVales in its search for a location and in linking up with relevant networks, and that the Bavarian tourism industry now has another exciting new location in the Free State. We wish ActiVales all the best for its start in Bavaria and will continue to support the expansion of the location.