Research & development Apr 14, 2014

Mechatronics – Future Made in Bavaria

Energy generation using kites, inductive charging of electric cars or robots in human blood circulation – the future is made in the Mechatronics & Automation cluster.

Mechatronics is one of the most important growth sectors for Bavarian industry. Innovations for cars, mobile phones, machine tools and many more emerge wherever mechanics, electrical engineering and information technology are growing together into one system. Experts see mechatronics as one of the key industries for solving the great challenges of our time – from advancing automation to electro mobility and healthcare solutions. This, however, requires extensive research and development capacities.

Cluster landscape is hotbed for innovation

More than 80 per cent of innovation in the automotive industry such as driver assistance systems, engine control or navigation technology today are based on electrics and electronics. Since Bavarian suppliers are backed from the close-knit network of the Mechatronics & Automation cluster, they can operate on an equal basis with large international corporations. One member of the cluster, for example, is the Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS). Its research activities are aimed at the possible uses of new technologies. The institute investigates into application fields such as independent communication and localisation, separate sensor technology and autonomous identification among other things.

FAPS – Chair and research institution

The chair employs over 80 staff members at two sites (Nuremberg and Erlangen) and conducts research in the fields of electronics production, electromechanical engineering, biomechatronics and systems engineering.

These are exactly the kind of institutions that make the cluster landscape of Bavaria so valuable for companies: They become more productive and innovative because they can make use of a tightly-knit network of specialised suppliers, relevant research institutions and qualified specialist staff all in close proximity. The Mechatronics & Automation cluster is active in the following areas:

  • Communication. The cluster organises events and joint booths and develops joint publications.
  • Cooperation/transfer. Workshops and topic groups support the exchange of knowledge and experience, joint projects initiate cooperation and look into funding options.
  • Qualification. The mechatronikakademie's programme for further education directly draws on schools and universities.


Find out more about the Mechatronics & Automation cluster as well as partnering companies at

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