#bytevaria Jun 14, 2018

Life Sciences in Bavaria (part 5): Medical Valley – the valley of healthy start-ups

Many different clusters have developed parallel to the established industrial and high-tech locations in Bavaria. Consequently, the life sciences sector is also of international importance in the meantime. The essential medicine segment notably has a significant hub in Franconia.

The Nuremberg metropolitan region also has international appeal when it comes to life sciences. The distinction as a “Digital Health Hub” as part of the government’s Digital Hub Initiative is proof of this.

The Medical Valley EMN gathers stakeholders from business, science, healthcare and politics to pool them in the European Nuremberg Metropolitan region (EMN) cluster. The special focus of the “Digital Health Hub” based in Erlangen is on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods for health promotion and prevention.
500 companies working in medical technology are based in the “Medical Valley”, more than 65 hospitals, 850,000 inpatients, 80 institutes at universities and universities of applied sciences as well as more than 20 non-university research institutes.

Medical Valley opened another centre for health care services and IT in Forchheim in 2017, in addition to the Erlangen location. The focus there is mainly on digitalising the healthcare industry. Its proximity to Siemens Healthineers and other potential industry partners makes networking easy.

Quelle: medical-valley-emn.de

Our five blog posts (-> Start of series ) give you an overview of the biotechnology centres in Bavaria. These innovation hubs for life sciences have earned themselves an international reputation. For this reason, it’s not just global players who are setting up here but also many start-ups who benefit from the collaboration between business and science. Together they’re creating an economy that is fit for the future where other people happily spend their holidays.