Investor`s choice Feb 02, 2016

Digital at home and globally – e-government in Bavaria

In December last year, the Association of the Bavarian Economy (vbw) published a study on the digitization of administration services.

Coordinating closely with companies, the study examines to what extent businesses benefit from investments in e-government solutions and what they are hoping for in terms of future development. The goal is obvious for the companies: “It should no longer be necessary to visit a single authority.”

Bavaria paves the way

Bavaria's declared goal is to support companies in remaining competitive and being able to react flexibly. Efforts to minimise the bureaucracy faced by both established companies and start-ups is a major part of this. The state has already achieved considerable progress in this respect. In the last 15 years, a third of the Bavarian laws have been lifted, helping to reduce bureaucracy significantly. And it does not end there: On the 1st of January 2016, new regulations came into effect which relieved companies and entrepreneurs of some accounting and reporting requirements.

The BAYERN DIGITALstrategy also includes some concessions to companies by the state. As part of the strategy, the BayernPortal has been online since the middle of November last year, acting as a central information source on all administrative services and authorities. Here the companies can find information on various services for which they will not have to go to the authorities in the future. Furthermore, the platform offers entrepreneurs a broad range of funding opportunities and networks to support them in their work.

With its efforts to reduce bureaucracy and simplify administration, Bavaria is supporting local companies, who in turn benefit from much more streamlined processes and can therefore work more efficiently.