Digital Economy Dec 15, 2014

Benvenuti a Monaco di Baviera!

Bavaria and Italy. It is the story of a close relationship to which another chapter has once again been added this year. Invest in Bavaria is delighted that some new Italian companies have decided to settle in Bavaria and extends a warm welcome to them.

And even if the trip over the Brenner Pass is no longer as strenuous these days as it once was for merchants travelling over the Alpine passes during Roman times, it is nonetheless nice to see that the interrelations are intensifying year by year.
The fact that Germans have a soft spot for Italy has been widely known since Goethe acknowledged this in the form of a minion who sings of “Where the Lemons Blossom”. However, Germany has always been an important trade and export market for Italy. Thus it is not surprising that the reasons for settling in Bavaria are diverse: exploring or tapping into new markets, proximity to customers or simply an innovative environment.

We would like to briefly highlight three companies that have established branches in Bavaria this year:

The headquarters of Borrelli Srl. is located near to Manfredonia in southern Italy. Managing Director, Giuseppe Borrelli began his business in 1970 (under his own name since 1976) by canning fish and later expanded to canning seafood of all kinds, whereby the focus is on traditional recipes. Two product lines have developed in close cooperation with its customers: on the one hand, canned fish and seafood products with a shelf life of two years which in particular can be found on the shelves and in refrigerated sections in supermarkets. One the other hand, fresh products such as small bowls filled with seafood salad.

The close cooperation with the needs of its customers is also the reason why the company has decided to settle in Bavaria, where business is already flourishing, and the next step is now to intensify customer proximity. Munich now serves the company from southern Italy as the base for further growth.

The Italian consortium Gruppo LT Multimedia is the parent company for five thematically different television channels and is the publisher of various books and magazines. The “Alice” brand is dedicated to the topics on nutrition and cooking with a focus on the enjoyment of cooking traditional Italian recipes. The television channel of the same name is the market leader in Italy. “Alice” is now set to conquer the German market. Munich was identified as the ideal location to do this and should develop into a significant pillar of the company in the future. The geographic location in the German-speaking region is ideal and the surroundings are well known in Munich for its thriving media environment.

Hence, excellent growth opportunities for the first German-speaking television channel, which can be seen via satellite or cable, which is exclusively dedicated to the culture of Italian cuisine. The offering is supplemented by the German-speaking magazine “Alice Kochen”.

Since its founding nine years ago, mashfrog Technologie, now also combines design and communication at its site in Bavaria. After the company witnessed substantial growth in Italy, it now took the next step and made the move to Germany. Experts in the fields of communication, web marketing or user-friendliness and design develop online solutions and applications for the virtual space and will benefit from its presence in Munich through its close proximity to major media and information technology networks. Product developments for mobile phones, the Internet as well as smart TVs by Samsung's official technology partner can therefore take place in the new location of Munich under the best possible conditions.

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