Digital Economy Aug 01, 2017


After BAYERN DIGITAL I now follows: BAYERN DIGITAL II. An extensive investment programme for Bavaria’s digital future. Spread over five years and with an investment budget of EUR three billion, the master plan for digitalisation includes 10 points and is going to make Bavaria, its residents and companies the winners of the digital revolution.

The Bavarian government has set its strategic goals for digitalisation from 2018 to 2022 with BAYERN DIGITAL II. With key topics from digital infrastructure to education and IT security as well as applications for all areas of life, the Bavarian government is not just setting the agenda for Bavaria’s digital future but is also securing digital opportunities for the people in the region at the same time.

Artificial intelligence, digital media & co.

One major item on the master plan’s agenda is to conquer the key fields of digital technologies and applications. With the “Artificial Intelligence” initiative for the future, Bavaria wants to support AI-related technology networks and focus on the topics of autonomous mobility and big data here. The plan is also to strengthen the Bavarian-wide network at the Fraunhofer Institutes with AI skills and to specifically develop a centre for analytics data application. Another initiative for the future is “assistance robotics”. By developing a worldwide leading robotics centre of excellence, Bavaria wants to catapult itself to the top of this segment. Medicine, care and IT security have also not been neglected in the drawing up of this plan, as Bavaria wants to become both a worldwide top location for digital medicine and care as well as a renowned European centre for IT security. Bavaria has also set itself just as high standards in digital education: courses like Medical Engineering and Data Science are going to enhance young academics’ IT skills.

Cost items & value added

The Bavarian state is sparing no expense for this as the expected volume of the whole plan is roughly EUR three billion. In technology and economic terms it is mainly about supporting people with digital transformation as this is going to be the digital world’s focus, alongside issues such as further education, consumer protection and climate change. Minister of Economic Affairs Ilse Aigner stresses: “The Bayern Digital II master plan is a comprehensive agenda to digitalise the economy and society. We have to set the right agenda with specific investment in the state’s future viability today in order to be the leading digital region and top high-tech location in future too. As digitalisation is not just a one-off event but a constant irreversible development. We do not see this as a threat but an opportunity for our citizens and businesses. We also have to actively shape this development to match our expectations though. The Bayern Digital II master plan is the guide for our activities for this purpose.”

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