Accelerator Apr 04, 2018

AI start-ups in Bavaria: Disruptive innovation through AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword in the digital scene. More and more exciting Bavarian start-ups are proving that there’s really something behind it though. The Bavarian government is also taking a bet on AI and wants to create an environment to promote self-learning technologies on a large scale with the BAYERN DIGITAL II initiative for the future.

It will become clear how varied artificial intelligence is treated and from which different perspectives it is seen. We looked at four start-up teams and their developments more closely, from smart patent research to assistant robots.

Problem solvers for companies

octimine technologies GmbH wants to establish itself as a competitor to Google Patents with the help of artificial intelligence. As the start-up has launched new software to research and analyse patents based on machine learning concepts. The solution is particularly helpful, for example, for submitting your own document and essential research in the event of opposition proceedings. The start-ups customers mainly include SME and patent experts. In future the platform will also semantically search for data in scientific articles or specialist journals. To drive the database analysis forward accordingly, the start-up recently received financial funding to the tune of seven figures from Bayern Kapital and other business angels.

TerraLoupe GmbH also focuses on AI. The start-up from Munich specialises in analysing aerial photographs. The corresponding analysis results, like data on the nature of building structures are mainly helpful to companies in the insurance and energy sector. The automotive industry also benefits from the TerraLoupe solution as the company produces accurate navigation maps for autonomous vehicles. Thanks to its innovative solutions, the start-up received the First Prize in Magna International’s™ Start-up Challenge “Driving the Future of Mobility – Autonomy”.

AI in customer service

To offer the consumer themselves an immediate benefit, the Bavarian start-up e-bot7 developed a system based on artificial intelligence that optimises companies’ customer service. For this, the start-up integrates its system into a company’s existing communication service, analyses incoming messages and forwards these directly to the right department. Once there, the support agent is provided with suitable suggested responses during operational business. Conclusion: The software developed in the heart of the Bavaria’s regional capital reduces processing time by up to 80 percent thanks to artificial intelligence. Recurring enquiries can also be automatically answered by a chatbot. Investors in the Munich start-up also include Telefónica’s accelerator Wayra.

Sensitive robotic assistants with brains

The entrepreneur Franka Emika GmbH originally had its roots and area of expertise at the German Aerospace Center. But its vision doesn’t appear to be of a different planet, as the three inventors want to democratise the world of robots with “Panda”. The intelligent robotic assistance system is to work closely together with people and react sensitively to its colleagues. One thing that Sami Haddadin, one of the founders, is sure about: “Robotics and artificial intelligence are going to fundamentally change our world like few technologies before them.” The company recently received the Deutscher Zukunftspreis.

Even thought this selection is definitely not exhaustive, it does show one thing above all: the breadth of artificial intelligence is huge. Aviation and aerospace, patent law, customer service – the possibilities are seemingly endless. The interest of investors and accelerators speaks for the young founders’ ideas and means there are more exciting innovations to come.


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