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The use of hydraulic power has a long tradition in Bavaria. And other renewable energies are also becoming much more important. Bavaria's energy policy offers companies huge potential for growth.

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billion kilowatt hours were generated from hydraulic power in Bavaria in 2010

Energy provision in Germany will change rapidly over the next few years. The transition to alternative energies presents great potential for investment and will give a huge boost to energy technology. Bavaria is in an outstanding position and offers energy technology companies ideal opportunities for growth. All the key energy sources are represented in Bavaria: hydraulic power, photovoltaics, wind energy, biomass, solar thermal energy, ambient heat and geothermal energy for electricity and heat generation. Bavaria is leading the way in hydraulic power and generated almost 12 million kilowatt hours from it in 2010 – more than any other German state. By the end of the same year, almost 40 per cent of Germany's total solar power capacity was installed in Bavaria. Wind power in Bavaria is still a relatively small segment compared to the two giants of hydraulic and solar power. The state is therefore working to expand wind energy in a space-saving way that protects the environment and agriculture. One thing is certain: Bavaria will continue to play a leading role in energy technology in future, too.

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per cent of the solar energy capacity is installed in Bavaria


million euros invested in research


saw six new research projects


saw Bavaria generate the most kwh from hydraulic power

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