Current studies prove the success: Bavaria ranks top once again

Economic success and a high quality of life are more pronounced in Bavaria than anywhere else. There are five Bavarian administration districts alone among the “FOCUS Deutschland-Ranking 2018” TOP 10. Bavaria is also right at the top in the current “brand eins” business magazine’s “Innovation Ranking”.

The success of all 401 German administrative districts and cities was measured using meaningful indicators from “growth and jobs”, “start-ups”, “productivity and location costs”, “income and attractiveness” and “quality of life” in the FOCUS Deutschland-Ranking 2018 (print edition 7/2018). The Bavarian administrative districts impress across the board in the overall ranking of Germany’s most attractive and economically strongest regions. The constantly successful administrative district of Munich occupies 1st place once again, closely followed by the neighbouring administrative district of Ebersberg. The administrative districts of Erlangen-Höchstadt, Fürstenfeldbruck and Günzburg also achieve top ratings among the TOP 10.


Bavaria’s strengths are evident in all the study’s individual categories – Bavarian regions are always right at the top on the winner’s podium. The administrative districts Donau-Ries and Memmingen are right in the front in the important “growth and jobs” category and the administrative districts of Dingolfing-Landau, Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm and Coburg are at the fore in “productivity and location costs”, a key category for entrepreneurs, alongside the administrative district of Munich. The rural region was able to impress the experts with its specific strengths.


Bavaria also occupies the top ranking in the brand eins business magazine’s Innovation-Ranking 2018. More than 25,000 experts were asked to give their opinion and nominated 496 innovators in total. These included corporations, SME and also a large number of start-ups. With 130 innovators Bavaria leads the ranking of federal states by a long way ahead of NRW and Baden-Württemberg, in the city ranking Munich wins as Germany’s most innovative city with 64 innovators.


Bavaria is one of the strongest regions in Europe – it’s worth investing here!