Erlangen Dec 18, 2015

Bavaria’s cities are tops!

According to a recent study conducted by the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, four Bavarian cities – Munich, Ingolstadt, Erlangen and Regensburg – rank among the top ten of Germany’s cities with the highest level of quality of life and economic strength.

On behalf of WirtschaftsWoche, the IW Consult GmbH compared 69 cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Based on numerous indicators from the four subsections, real estate market, quality of life, labour market and economic structure, the study identified the most successful locations in Germany.

As in previous years, Munich is the unrivalled winner in the ranking of the most successful cities. The Bavarian capital scores with its high quality of life, the booming tourism and the appeal of the real-estate market. Moreover, Munich impresses with a future-oriented economic structure, an active start-up scene and a high share of academics and creative minds.

Second place goes to Ingolstadt, which is number one in Germany when it comes to economic strength and productivity. It has the highest employment rate and it’s working population generates the highest income compared to any other city in Germany. Thus, it is hardly surprising that Ingolstadt was named Germany’s most dynamic city by the surveyors. Here, the economic indicators experienced rapid growth in the past five years.

Erlangen came in third place. The Franconian metropolis impresses with its innovative strength: Erlangen is by far the city with the most patent applications in Germany, a fact that highlights its special focus on research and development. A great number of highly-qualified academics ensure a high level of economic strength and valuable jobs. Erlangen – followed by Munich – is therefore highlighted as the city with the greatest future potential in Bavaria in the study.

Regensburg impresses with its high quality of life, economic success and good future prospects. It ranks seventh on the scale of Germany’s cities with the highest level of quality of life and economic strength. The Upper Palatinate metropolis has already been ranked among the top ten in previous years and has thus established itself as one of the prime Bavarian locations.

Success is no coincidence: The State of Bavaria, its cities and regions are at the top in various studiestime and again. The outstanding rankings speak for themselves: Bavaria is one of strongest economic regions in Europe – it’s worth investing here!

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