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5 Minuten with … Brenna Liponis, Engagement Manager at Trinity Life Sciences

Biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals: These are the main topics Trinity Life Sciences is dealing with. The headquarters of the management consultancy is located in Waltham, Massachusetts. In July last year, the American company took the plunge abroad and opened its European headquarters in Munich. Today, we are talking with Brenna Liponis, Engagement Manager at Trinity Life Sciences, about the background to their choice of location, what they have already experienced in Bavaria and the company's future goals. Liponis has been with the company for several years and was jointly responsible for the establishment of the company in Bavaria.

The Munich office is your first office in Europe. Why did you choose Bavaria and Munich as your Europe hub? What were the key reasons and drivers for your decision?

We were looking for a location in Europe where we could hire the best talent and be relatively close to our clients. After identifying our heads of office here, Alex Fink and Jackson Carroll, it became clear that Munich offers the best of both worlds. 

Would you be able to give a brief description about your service offering and why it is relevant to customers.

TRINITY is a trusted strategic partner, providing evidence-based solutions for the life sciences. We primarily work with biotech/biopharma, medical device/diagnostics, and investors in the life science industry to solve their most challenging problems. Our core offerings include new product planning, business development, launch excellence, in-line strategy, corporate strategy, forecasting, health economics and outcomes research, as well as pricing, access, reimbursement and contracting services. As an example of our integrated services, we have worked on numerous launches for companies commercializing their first assets – designing the architecture of a global launch, and then supporting the execution of key launch activities. 

What are your plans for Trinity Life Sciences in Bavaria? What will you be focusing on within the next 12 months?

Our initial focus is on business development, recruitment, and refining our global operations/processes. But our objectives remain the same across the company – we put our clients first to deliver significant impact and strive to create an environment that sustainably supports exceptional people with opportunities for professional growth. 

How did you learn about us? What was your experience working with us? How would you asses our service and support?

We were connected to Invest in Bavaria in a rather serendipitous way – my friend sat next to one of the directors on an airplane. The team immediately set up an introductory call and sent along helpful resources. It was no surprise that the team was equally as welcoming and accommodating once I arrived in Munich; they have been incredibly responsive in answering any question we have to ensure we have a smooth transition. Invest in Bavaria has been incredibly generous in their support. The team in Munich has personally connected us with the biotech cluster (Bio-M), relevant people at the US Consulate, professional societies, recruitment resources, as well as answering a multitude of other ad hoc questions related to relocation and corporate social responsibility opportunities, among others.   

What were some main challenges that you needed to overcome (if any)?

The main objective for us is to engrain ourselves in the life science community in Munich, and more broadly in Europe. 

You have been here for a couple months now. What do you like most about Munich and Bavaria? What are you looking forward to within the next couple months?

Munich has wonderful people, a beautiful atmosphere, and offers many activities (both indoor and outdoor). As an office, we have already enjoyed the beer gardens, the English Garten, floating down the Isar River, and we look forward to several of our US colleagues joining us for Oktoberfest. We are excited to experience more of the city and the surrounding area in future adventures! 

Do you have any recommendations for companies that are interested in expanding to Bavaria?

I highly recommend leveraging Invest in Bavaria for support and visiting Munich if you are still deciding on a location. The city speaks for itself! 



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