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As a cross-sectoral industry, environmental technology plays a key role in developing business and society in a way that will be sustainable in the long term. Bavaria offers top conditions for stakeholders in the field of environmental technology.

small and medium-sized companies are based in Bavaria

Environmental technology provides the basis for an economy that protects resources as productivity rises. The knowledge that environmental technology is the key to a world worth living in tomorrow means great potential for growth in the sector. Bavaria is in an excellent position here, offering opportunities for companies from every field of environmental technology, including the waste economy, soil remediation, water treatment, air pollution control and regenerative energy technologies. Bavaria is home to more than 2,000 mainly small and medium-sized companies in the environmental technology sector – around 20 per cent of all German companies active in the field. They offer environmental technology products at home and abroad and a full range of services for the sector, such as project planning and development and plant engineering. Initiatives such as the Bavarian Environmental Pact strengthen Bavarian companies' sense of responsibility when it comes to environmental protection and thus the position of the entire sector.

About the Bavarian Environmental + Climate Pact

The “Umwelt + Klimapakt Bayern” (Bavarian Environmental + Climate Pact) has been a constant and ongoing agreement between the Bavarian State Government and the Bavarian business community since 1995 and contributes to the basic understanding of one’s responsibility in environmental protection as well as cooperative action. Natural resources are better protected with the help of voluntary and reliable cooperation between the state and business than with laws and regulations alone. In addition to limiting climate change, it also promotes the energy transition and improves energy efficiency. Other points of the agreement are the efficient and sustainable use of raw materials and the promotion of environmental technologies and biodiversity. The Bavarian Environmental Pact also offers assistance for corporate management approaches, for example through tips for marketing or through the use of biodiversity to increasing employee motivation.

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per cent of all German companies in the sector are based in Bavaria


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