Hightech Agenda Bayern: investing in the digital future Bavaria is investing three billion euro in the state’s digital development over the next five years to ensure its people and companies are winners of the digital transformation. Find out more

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The world of work 4.0 in Bavaria: the state is a pioneer

The world of work 4.0 in Bavaria: the state is a pioneer


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Education investments in digital talent

Digital companies need one thing above everything else: people who are familiar with digital topics and can drive these forward. The good news is that they will find them in Bavaria. The wide range of education on offer provides a large pool of talent with the two pillars of dual vocational training and the Bavarian higher education landscape that are equally as strong in theory and practice. Bavaria also offers a wide range of continuous education and training on digitalisation outside vocational training too. The key player here is Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern. BayernLabs or the #Lernen.Digital project for vocational training also offer options to expand your own digital skills. The many opportunities ensure that companies can find outstandingly qualified talent locally, which is a clear advantage today in these times of a skills shortage. In addition, a ranking by the Times Higher Education magazine shows that the two Munich elite universities occupy top positions in European comparison, when it comes to preparing students for their future professional life: the Technical University (TU) ranked 6th in the study, and the Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) ranked 8th. For companies setting up here from abroad, there are also options to employ non-German staff thanks to various models.

No standing still here: Bavaria’s future plans

Standing still is actually taking a step back, especially when it comes to digitalisation. The state is empowering professional newcomers through the Hightech Agenda Bayern investment programme so that education and training can keep up with the demands of a digital economy in future too. This is being done by setting new standards in digital education at Bavarian schools and boosting young academics in the core digital disciplines. Resulting in additional courses on offer for the digital topics of the future, such as Human Centric Engineering at the TUM and LMU universities in Munich and other courses in all basic and application fields of digitalisation. In addition, the Software Engineering training offensive is going to create more professorships throughout Bavaria. In line with the Bavarian government’s “Digital Education in Schools, Universities and Culture” strategy for the future, the following applies to all measures: digitalisation is a tool and subject at the same time in the education process.

2,500 new positions and professorships until 2021

The new positions and professorships will be created for research and teaching in future technical fields at Bavarian universities.

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