Our service

Bavaria is a good location for companies from almost every sector. But we know as well as you do that every investment project brings with it its own very specific requirements. We are behind you when you want your company to grow in Bavaria: free, confidential and effective.

Are you looking around for possible locations for your company? Then let us show you why Bavaria is an excellent choice and the advantages companies from your sector in particular can enjoy here. Just get in touch. As the business promotion agency of the State of Bavaria, our service is free of charge. We offer the following services to make sure your decision is the right one:

01 Planning and preparation
  • Information on the market and business environment for your potential company in Bavaria
  • Information on the relevant sector and technology networks
  • Overview of fundamental legal and taxation issues
  • Brokering of contacts to service providers and experts
  • Overview of support and financing instruments for your company in Bavaria
02 Location search and location selection
  • Development of project-related location criteria
  • Presentation of ideal locations in Bavaria
  • Identification of suitable commercial properties and spaces
  • Organisation of site visits
  • Networking with local partners relevant to the project
  • Identification of project-relevant support instruments for companies
  • Brokering of contacts to the relevant support institutions
03 Implementation
  • Organising coordination with all project partners,
  • Brokering contacts at/with/to sector and technology networks, service providers and experts
  • Arranging appointments with support and financing partners
  • Communication with authorities and local economic promotion agencies
  • Assistance with human resources issues via our contacts to the Federal Employment Agency and private recruitment companies.
04 Growing in Bavaria
  • Information about the programmes provided by Bavaria's business promotion agencies, such as for tapping into new markets, taking part in trade shows, international cooperation, as well as research and development
  • A worldwide network of Bavarian representatives abroad, whose work will benefit your plans for possible internationalisation
  • Brokering contacts for foreign companies to communities, institutions and organisations from your home country in Bavaria (if required).
  • Information about useful company databases and sector networks which serve your purposes.
  • Invitations to networking events and information about events held by our partners.