Lower Bavaria | 16th working meeting of Invest in Bavaria with the Bavarian business development agencies

Efficient commercial development in times of scarce properties and regionally available competences were the core topics at Invest in Bavaria’s 16th working meeting with Bavarian economic development agencies. The event was held in Simbach am Inn in the district of Rottal Inn. The two-day meeting kicked off with Dr Ulrike Wolf, Ministerial Director at the Bavarian State Ministry, who informed the participants about the current topics at the StMWi (Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy).

Among the examples of efficient commercial development, Managing Director Peter Keller impressively described how a cleantech innovation park is being created on the former Michelin - factory site in Hallstadt near Bamberg, and the mayors of the market towns of Perlesreuth and Röhrnbach demonstrated how completely new paths have been taken with the first inter-municipal commercial area in Prombach in Lower Bavaria.

On the second day, participants had the chance to exchange information in different World Cafés about the regionally existing competences and strategic orientations of the Bavarian regions.