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Note: Due to the corona virus (COVID-19), events may be canceled or postponed. Please inform yourself on the respective websites.

Online 日.月.年 Franken Finance Festival 2021 Event on the topic of financing for founders

Online 日.月.年 - 日.月.年 Bavarian Green Technologies Congress 2021 Latin America Bavarian Green Technologies Congress 2021 - At the right place at the right time!

Online 日.月.年 - 日.月.年 Viva Technology The annual event brings together the French and European tech scene in one place

Online 日.月.年 Start-up ByCzePS FRG Workshop The cross-border business incubator in Freyung, the Danube-Moldau European Region and the Freyung-Grafenau Regional Management cordially invite you to a cross-border event for start-ups.

München 日.月.年 - 日.月.年 Automatica sprint Leading world trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics

Online 日.月.年 - 日.月.年 HYDROGEN DIALOGUE 2021 On June 22 and 23 2021, the hydrogen community will once again enter into dialog on the tried-and-tested digital channels.

Online 日.月.年 CoFAT light: Conference on Future Automotive Technology 2021 - Canada Special After a break in 2020 due to the pandemic, CoFAT is back with a Canada special!

Online 日.月.年 International Entrepreneurs' Night #Copenhagen On July 8, 2021, UnternehmerTUM will organise the next edition of the International Entrepreneurs’ Night, an event for Munich’s entrepreneurial network and international guests.

Alzenau 日.月.年 - 日.月.年 IAA Mobility Mobility trade fair

Online 日.月.年 - 日.月.年 DIGITAL FUTUREcongress virtual The online congress fair on the topic of digitization in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) addresses decision-makers and IT managers from SME´s and industry with current topics on digital data transformation and process optimization.

Nürnberg 日.月.年 - 日.月.年 it-sa Europe's leading trade fair for IT security

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