Bavarian Forest Jul 25, 2018

The networks of Active for the Future are dedicated to the gaining of skilled labour

Glass from the Arberland is used on the tables of luxury hotels, on the podiums of international sport events, in the lenses of cameras, and in many other areas of application. In order to fulfil the promise of quality implied by “Made in Germany”, there is also a need for competent employees in the future. In Bavaria, business associations and networks are working to assist the companies in their search for employees. The Glass Network in “Glass Region Arberland” has now been named “Innovative Network 2018” by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affair and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

The prize was awarded to honour commitment to gaining and securing skilled labour, and sets an example for the whole of Germany. The Glass Network of Arberland Regio GmbH in the Bavarian Forest is one of Germany’s best regional networks for skilled labour.

The Glass Network scored with a bundle of innovative measures, that assist companies in their search for trainees and promote enthusiasm for qualified jobs in glass crafts, which represent contributions to the recruitment of skilled labour.

At the heart of these activities is the training tour through the Glass Region ARBERLAND, which gives students an insight into around 30 qualified jobs. A similar event format is aimed at the teachers and vocational training advisers as multipliers, in order to establish contact with the trainers and heads of HR. The Glass Network is also trying to reach the smart employees of tomorrow via new media: for example, adverts have been broadcast via social media, showing the variety of occupational prospects in the glass industry. Another core objective of the Glass Network is the supporting of glass craftsmen who are interested in setting up a business through information events on set-up themes with entrepreneurs and set-up advisers.

In Bavaria networks are a capable partner for companies in personnel recruitment.