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Mechatronics is a kind of paradigm and can therefore be used as an umbrella term for all sectors whose products involve efficient interplay between mechanics, electronics and software. This now includes many traditional and future-orientated sectors such as automotive engineering, machine tool building, the electrical and electronics industry, medical and environmental technology, and aerospace. Many key industrial branches in Bavaria are therefore potential customers, employing around 50 per cent of all those working in industry in the state. The market for mechatronics companies in Bavaria is huge.

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key regions are the locations of Munich and Nuremberg

As well as the market opportunities, Bavaria's excellent research environment with its many Fraunhofer and DLR institutes, a well-appointed sensor technology sector and its large numbers of outstandingly educated mechatronics specialists all speak for Bavaria as a location. There are also competence centres and business incubators such as the "gate" technology centre and business incubator in Garching, near Munich, which offers support and services to new companies in establishing international relations, as well as attractive premises. The perfect start for a business to take flight.

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