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Mechanical and plant engineering is the core of the German capital goods industry and is also one of the most important branches of industry in Bavaria. As a supplier of complex products for all sectors of the economy and a recipient of technologically sophisticated pre-deliveries, it is at the centre of industrial performance. Bavaria’s mechanical engineering sector, with its focus on drive technology, general ventilation technology, power systems (engines and turbines) as well as pumps and compressors, is mainly concentrated in the administrative districts of Swabia, Lower Franconia and Upper Bavaria. The area of digitisation/industry 4.0 has meanwhile taken on a crucial role in mechanical engineering and will continue to strongly shape the industry. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning offers many new opportunities, which will further advance mechanical engineering with considerable growth potential.

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billion Euros total turnover in 2019

A special feature of the Bavarian mechanical engineering industry is the great variety of sectors, almost all sub sectors can be found here. In addition, mechanical engineering is characterised by its SME owner-managed structure. With over 236,800 employees (approx. 18% employment volume of all Bavarian industrial jobs), mechanical engineering is still the largest industrial sector in terms of employment. In 2019, the 921 Bavarian mechanical engineering companies generated a total turnover of approximately EUR 54.4 billion. This means that almost a quarter of the total German industry turnover was generated in Bavaria. With more than 14 percent of the total Bavarian industrial turnover, the industry is the second strongest branch of industry in Bavaria. Due to its strong international competitive position, mechanical engineering is a very export-oriented industry. 65.3% of Bavarian industry sales in 2019 were generated abroad.

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