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Bavaria's logistics sector represents sales of EUR 36 billion, accounting for around 18 per cent of total German sales. Employing over 400,000 people, the logistics sector in Bavaria is a real driver of growth. Bavaria offers an excellent transport infrastructure with a 41,000 kilometre long road network and efficient railway network, whose capacities will be further expanded in the future. About 50 million tonnes of goods are currently transshipped by rail, an environmentally friendly mode of transport, which contributes to a significant reduction in road congestion and an active reduction in CO2 emissions. The 24 ports offer excellent connections to Europe's most important waterway, the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal. The ports are transshipment points for about 6.5 million tonnes of freight. Approximately 400,000 tonnes of air freight are handled at the two largest Bavarian airports, Munich and Nuremberg. There is an efficient network of transshipment points and freight transport centres for the efficient linking of transport modes, which will be further expanded in future.

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billion euros sales in logistics in Bavaria

Bavaria's industrial character offers logistics companies the ideal conditions for making new business contacts. 21.3 per cent of all those working in Bavaria are involved in processing industries – a figure which is well above average. Companies in sectors in which Bavaria is a world leader, such as the automotive and mechanical engineering industries and medical, energy and environmental technology, offer great order potential. Furthermore, eight of Germany's ten largest online retailers have their headquarters or a site in Bavaria. For good reason: southern Germany is home to the biggest-spending consumers.

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international transport airports in Bavaria


kilometres of road network in Bavaria


million tonnes of freight are turned over at Bavaria's ports


ports offer connections throughout Europe

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