Communications technology There are hardly any sectors left today in which information and communications technology does not play a significant role. Customers of the ICT sector come from the automotive industry, medical technology, financial services and many other sectors – sectors that are strongly represented in Bavaria.


DIGITAL FUTUREcongress virtual - Bavarian Week

DIGITAL FUTUREcongress virtual - Bavarian Week


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Boom of tech companies in Munich: Apple plans European Silicon Design Center in Munich

Boom of tech companies in Munich: Apple plans European Silicon Design Center in Munich


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Sector in brief

There are hardly any sectors left today in which information and communications technology does not play a significant role. Customers of the ICT sector come from the automotive industry, medical technology, financial services and many other sectors. Large numbers of companies in all these economic fields are based in Bavaria. This is one of the reasons why ICT companies also like to choose Bavaria as their location. In a study, the European Commission named Munich the top centre for the ICT segment in Europe. To make sure it stays that way, the Bavarian state government will invest hundreds of millions of euros in digitalisation over the next few years. There are many reasons why Bavaria is one of the world's key ICT locations today.


1 Munich is Europe's top ICT location

Around 380,000 people work in 20,000 companies in the sector in Bavaria today. The spectrum of ICT companies in Bavaria is large. International corporations are just as much at home here as small and medium-sized companies and exciting start-ups in the sector, which includes service, development and distribution in the software and hardware fields, microelectronics and telecommunications, embedded software and software-based processes. As well as a broad base of potential customers, Bavaria also offers a large pool of IT specialists, dedicated networks and key trade shows for the sector. Lots of good reasons to choose ICT location Bavaria.

Figures from the information and communications technology sector

ICT graduates every year in Bavaria
million euros investment in research by the Bavarian state government

Talent and research

Every university in Bavaria now offers degree programmes specific to ICT, covering the entire spectrum of the sector. Subjects offered include information technology, computational engineering and many other ICT-related programmes. Each year, around 4,400 ICT graduates leave the universities and enter the labour market, forming an attractive pool of specialist staff available to ICT companies in Bavaria. There is also an outstanding network of education and further and additional training on offer outside the universities throughout Bavaria.

Bavaria's universities and research institutions instigate ICT-related research whose significance extends well beyond the state's borders. Bavaria is not only home to eleven universities and 17 universities of applied sciences, but also to renowned research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits and the Broadcast Technology Institute (IRT), as well as many research associations working on future technologies in the IT and telecommunications environment. Bavaria attracts many top researchers from all fields; assisted not least by the high quality of life the location has to offer.


One of the networking initiatives in the ICT sector in Bavaria is BICCnet, the Bavarian Information and Communication Technology Cluster. The focuses of this cluster's work, such as establishing a Bavarian platform for cooperation and organising up-to-date, topic-driven events and high-level rounds of talks, allow businesspeople in the sector to benefit from this network. In addition, its role also includes establishing and maintaining a network of contacts and integrating regional initiatives.
BICCnet initiates a series of events, working groups and forums related to ICT topics and networking. The cluster operates throughout Bavaria and is complemented by regional networks who set the agenda in more specialised ICT sectors, such as the IT Security and IT Logistics clusters, based at the IT-Speicher business incubator in Regensburg. Just like BICCnet, these regional and topic-specific networks not only maintain networks within Bavaria, but also far beyond its borders. The IT Security cluster, for example, now maintains cross-border cooperation with the Information Technology cluster (ITC) in Upper Austria.


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Successes and references

Bavaria hosts the regional offices of many significant IT companies.

Find out more about Kaspersky Lab Europe

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