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Bavaria offers insurance and finance institutes a solid basis for the performance of the entire industry with its comprehensive ecosystem. Numerous companies from the banking and insurance sector, asset management as well as the risk capital, leasing and factoring sectors are based in Bavaria. As a result, excellent research institutions encounter many successful companies from the financial industry in Bavaria. Resulting in an ideal starting point for start-ups too. As the big players have recognised that their business is undergoing radical change due to digitalisation. There is a great deal to do together. It’s being done in Bavaria.

Around 188,000 people work in the financial economy in Bavaria. Around 100 companies in the insurance sector are based in Bavaria, making the state one of the world's leading insurance locations. These companies include Allianz AG and Munich Re, the world's largest reinsurer. Bavaria's banking and insurance sector has seen growth of 59 per cent since the start of the 1990s. The sector in Bavaria appears stable and robust, with the forward-looking stock exchange, innovative asset management and Bavaria as Germany's most important state of venture capital.

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per cent of German VC companies are based in Munich


per cent growth in the banking and insurance sector in Bavaria since the early 1990s


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