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Climate change presents humanity with a global challenge. Increasing environmental pollution is endangering the supply of clean water, clean air and uncontaminated soil to the population worldwide. Biodiversity is declining rapidly. A change in the way we live and do business is of major importance to counter these problems.

One path to a sustainable way of life and economy is the bioeconomy. This envisages a fundamental structural change: An economy based on fossil raw materials is to be continuously transformed into a sustainable and bio-based circular economy based on renewable raw materials. The circular economy is an essential element in achieving the efficient use of renewable raw materials. The bioeconomy is based on natural material cycles, consistently uses residual and waste materials and takes into account the limitation of natural resources.

Replacing fossil fuels with renewable raw materials has many economic advantages. Bioeconomic innovations create new jobs and reduce dependence on fossil resources. Regional value chains are gaining importance and the worth of domestic raw materials is being reaffirmed. Agriculture and forestry, in particular, are being strengthened as producers of renewable raw materials. Due to the cross-industry nature of the bioeconomy, however, this also applies to many other core Bavarian industries. Stable and sustainable jobs will be created in the food, wood, paper, leather, textile and chemical industries, as well as in the energy and waste disposal sectors.

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research institutions related to the bioeconomy

The Bayerische Bioökonomiestrategie (Bavarian Bioeconomy Strategy) actively shapes the transformation of our economic system and positions Bavaria for a sustainable economy and life. The strategy has the following objectives:

  • To reduce the consumption of fossil raw materials
  • To protect biodiversity
  • To protect and use renewable raw materials
  • To create jobs in rural areas
  • To generate utilisation cascades for raw materials
  • To develop new technologies, materials and processes
  • To strengthen science and build up biological knowledge

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research institutions related to the bioeconomy


Bavarian bioeconomy strategy’s individual measures

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