Unterschleißheim becomes the new location for BMW's research and development centre for autonomous driving

Jan 09, 2017
Aigner: “BMW's new R&D centre for autonomous driving in Unterschließheim is strengthening Bavaria's technology leadership in this field and boosting the innovation location in general”

MUNICH   The BMW Group has announced that Unterschleißheim will be the location for its new research and development centre for autonomous driving. Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner: “The BMW Group's decision to establish the research and development centre for autonomous driving in Unterschleißheim is a clear sign of Bavaria's status as a technology location. Bavaria offers the company an innovative environment and outstanding cooperation partners from business and science. We have already made an impact in the field of autonomous driving. As part of its Connected Mobility project, the Ministry of Economic Affairs supports various projects by Fraunhofer institutions, the Connected Mobility Lab project together with BMW and Siemens, and the TUM Living Lab Connected Mobility project together with the Technical University of Munich. The future of mobility is especially important to a car-loving state like Bavaria and I am consistently pursuing this strategy. We will continue to closely follow and support the research and development in the new BMW centre.”

The move follows BMW's announcement that they will launch their autonomous, electric and fully-connected vehicle, the BMW iNEXT, on the market by 2021. The 600 employees BMW currently employs in this area will be joined by more than 2,000 more in the course of the relocation to Unterschleißheim. As well as offices and workshops, the centre will include measurement and test benches. Close development partners are also expected to move to the area.