Two Bavarian clusters are the winners of the federal competition 'Internationalisation of Leading-Edge Clusters'.

Jun 30, 2015
Aigner: "Clusters strengthen the leading international position of Bavaria's economy"

MUNICH   Two Bavarian clusters have won the federal competition 'Internationalisation of Leading-Edge Clusters'. Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner: "Bavaria's 'Cluster Power Electronics' and 'Medical Valley Cluster' do an excellent job. With their international presence, they strengthen the competitiveness of our economy, and contribute to the reputation of Bavarian companies for providing technological masterpieces. Bavaria's networking landscape is one of the reasons why we are at the forefront of progress.“
On the occasion of the 3rd International Cluster Conference, Federal Minister Johanna Wanka awards the prizes today. The prizes have a value of up to four million euros each. Over the next years the winners will deepen their contacts with international cooperations, and achieve innovation leaps by shared research projects.
The 'Power Electronics' and 'Medical Valley' clusters cover key areas of Bavaria's economy. Bavaria's global leading position in power electronics is also an important key to an efficient supply of energy. The fact that the 'Medical Valley' cluster has received another funding prize strengthens Bavaria's leading-edge competence and the international networking of science and economy in medical technology and health care.
"I think that this prize also endorses Bavaria's cluster policy, which laid the foundation for winning this award today", said minister Aigner. The Bavarian state government engages in promoting cluster platforms in central fields of technology and key sectors. Clusters have the essential task of connecting different companies with each other and with research institutions.