Slovenian personnel services provider Kariera d.o.o. enters the German market

Apr 29, 2014
Hübschle: "Highly qualified professionals are essential in ensuring Bavaria’s excellent position as a high-tech hotspot."

MUNICH   X Personal GmbH – a subsidiary of the largest Slovenian personnel services provider Kariera d.o.o. – began operating in Munich at the beginning of April (

With its subsidiary in Munich, X Personal plans to participate in bringing talent from Eastern Europe to Germany and thus help overcome the current shortage of skilled labour, especially in industry.

"On the one hand, as a high-tech location, Bavaria faces the challenge of meeting its demand for highly skilled workers. On the other, the Free State offers outstanding career opportunities for talented professionals from around the world. I am delighted that the Slovenian company Kariera has chosen Bavaria for its location and that it will be bringing more well-trained professionals to the state,” says Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, Executive Director of Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the Free State of Bavaria.
Tilen Prah, Managing Director of X Personal GmbH and board member of Kariera d.o.o., underscores the appeal of the location: “Our expectations of Munich as a location have been confirmed in every respect. Bavaria's capital provides access to our current and potential customers – technology-driven companies that need highly-qualified young professionals – while also enjoying excellent links to our key markets in Eastern Europe.”

Based in Ljubljana, the parent company Kariera d.o.o. was founded in Slovenia in 2003 and also has branches in Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia. The company has developed effective processes and efficient tools for identifying, accessing and evaluating the best-qualified talents and most experienced professionals. Kariera d.o.o. has over 2,000 employees and assists more than 200 companies in recruiting every year. Its customers include major German companies with subsidiaries in Central and Eastern European countries.