Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo Airlines opens a branch in Munich

Mar 31, 2014
Hübschle: "The arrival of AirBridgeCargo Airlines is a real asset for Bavaria as a location"

MUNICH The Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) opened a branch at Munich Airport in January 2014 and now offers online and offline freight services from Munich to Russia and China.

AirBridgeCargo Airlines (, a subsidiary of the Volga-Dnepr Group, was founded in Moscow in April 2004. Today, ABC is Russia's largest airline in the international scheduled freight business and employs over 600 staff. It offers regular flights for all types of freight via its hub in Moscow. AirBridgeCargo Airlines is the first Russian freight airline to use exclusively Boeing 747 aircraft, and also has full use of the Volga-Dnepr Group's fleet management (including B737, Antonov and Ilyushin) for special freight orders. The AirBridgeCargo Airlines aircraft fleet currently consists of 12 Boeing 747 freighters: four Boeing 747-400ERF, three Boeing B747-400F and five brand-new Boeing 747-8F. This allows ABC to transport all types of freight, as well as goods shipments that require special processing or have to be carried under specific temperature conditions.

By opening a branch in Munich, ABC is continuing on its course of expansion in its German business area and expanding its presence in Germany. "Once the two daily flights from Frankfurt are established, we will be expanding the area in the future. Munich is a key pillar of our strategy for Germany and we are delighted with the positive reception we have gained from customers and the airport. This makes us keen to develop the location further in the future by expanding the services we offer," says Andrey Andreev, Head of Sales for ABC in Germany.

The ABC branch in Munich is under the supervision of Walter Morris, who can only back up this statement: "Cooperation with the airport community worked extremely well from the very first day, and we feel very much at home here. The foundation for expansion at the Munich location has been laid, and further steps will follow."

Dr. Wolfgang Hübschle, Business Promotion Representative for the Free State of Bavaria, welcomes the company. "The arrival of AirBridgeCargo Airlines is a key step in intensifying transport connections towards the east, which is extremely important for Bavaria's economy. I would like to welcome the Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo Airlines and wish them every success for their future development in Bavaria."

Bavaria is one of the most important logistics hubs in Europe. The state's logistics sector represents sales of EUR 36 billion, accounting for around 18 per cent of total German sales. Employing over 400,000 people, the logistics sector in Bavaria is a real driver of growth.