Opening of the new logistics centre of JYSK Holding / Dänisches Bettenlager in Kammlach in the Unterallgäu region with around 100 new jobs

Oct 05, 2016
Pschierer: “Due to its excellent transport connections, Swabia is developing ever more into a successful location for logistics”

MUNICH/KAMMLACH   Today, Bavaria’s Vice Minister for Economic Affairs, Franz Josef Pschierer, opened the new logistics centre of JYSK Holding, one of the largest providers in the international furnishings market, in Kammlach in the Unterallgäu region. JYSK Holding, which operates in Germany under the name Dänisches Bettenlager, directly sells bedding, furniture and accessories without wholesalers and middlemen in more than 1,000 stores throughout Germany. Overall, Bavaria’s Vice Minister Pschierer also sees further development of the economic location of Swabia with the settlement. “Swabia is already a very successful location in the industrial sector. The settlement of another logistics centre demonstrates that Swabia is attractive thanks to its outstanding transport connection, also in the field of logistics. The investment sets the region on yet another economic pillar.” The new logistics centre has an investment volume of around EUR 100 million and will create around 100 new jobs. “The Allgäu region will become one of the central hubs of one of Europe’s largest commercial enterprises with this settlement,” continued Pschierer.