One million euros in funding for research project related to 'big data'

Jan 14, 2014
Aigner: "Digitalisation in Bavaria is gathering pace"
MUNICH    The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is providing one million euros in funding for a forward-looking research project in the field of storing and structuring large amounts of data (big data). Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, explains: "The advancing digitalisation of virtually all areas of life and the economy is creating an ever-increasing amount of data. Handling and processing big data efficiently is therefore becoming more and more of a key competence in international competition. Owing to its numerous innovative companies and pioneering research institutions, Bavaria is very well positioned to stand at the forefront of progress in this area, too. By funding this project, we are making another important contribution to positioning Bavaria as the top digital business location in Europe and the world."
Under the heading "The Mobile Internet of the Future: Big Data", the project directed by scientist Prof. Dr. Claudia Linnhoff-Popien from the LMU Munich develops various aspects and application scenarios of big data. For example, Munich Airport plans to develop a travel app that is designed for all airports and airlines. The many consecutive modules allow travellers to handle all organisational tasks on-the-move – from planning and payment to navigating around the airport. The information is personalised and provided according to the context. The concept is called "seamless travel". Travellers benefit by saving time and money.
Nokia Solutions and Networks in Munich is working together with the LMU on topics in the field of "mobile edge computing". The goal is to upgrade fourth generation (LTE) mobile phone networks with a new technology that also allows applications with extreme requirements in terms of real-time processing and bandwidth to be handled more efficiently. In this context, research partners are developing new solution approaches for connecting cars, which will increase road safety.
Further partners of the big data project include ConSol* Consulting & Solutions Software GmbH as well as the Department of Mobile and Distributed Systems and the Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization, both part of the LMU Munich.