Laying the foundations for digital start-up centre Lagarde1 in Bamberg

Jul 08, 2018
Pschierer: “Lagarde1 is the new home for digital talents and founders in Bamberg”

BAMBERG   Together, Bavarian Minister for Economics Franz Josef Pschierer, the Mayor of Bamberg Andreas Starke and the District Administrator of Bamberg Johann Kalb have laid the foundation stone for the new digital start-up centre “Lagarde1” in Bamberg.
Pschierer: “Lagarde1 will help Bamberg and Bavaria to become a start-up location of international importance. We are supporting the project with around 8 million euros. Within the Gründerland.Bayern initiative, we are investing a total of around 80 million euros in 11 digital start-up centres across Bavaria. People starting up businesses in Bavaria will find the best conditions for it: a state which can help with funding and very practical issues, established successful companies as clients, a research landscape beyond compare and a good offer of funding sources.”
Lagarde1 focuses on digital business models, logistics, industry 4.0, eHealth, Big Data and e-commerce. The available structures and companies in the Region can enable the development of ideal interconnections between companies, colleges and start-ups. Before the end of 2019, the innovative start-up centre should be ready for occupation, as a joint project between the city and district of Bamberg.
“Bavaria supports its research institutes and companies in shaping the digital transition like no other region. We are investing a total of 5.5 billion euros in the digital future of our state before the end of 2022 – more than any other state. And we are also expanding the support for our digital start-up creators: among other things, we will set up another digital start-up centre in all administrative districts outside of the metropolitan regions. The tendering process for this will start in July”, says Pschierer.