Invest in Bavaria presents balance sheet for 2012 / More than 2,000 new jobs created

Jan 09, 2013
Hessel: “Invest in Bavaria gives rural areas a boost”
MUNICH - Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria, was able to create over 2,050 new direct jobs in the State, and secure roughly as many, with 83 successfully managed investment projects in 2012. While the number of projects is just under last year’s level (86), about 28 per cent more jobs were created than in 2011. And it is the rural areas that benefit from nearly every one out of two jobs (45 per cent). This result shows that Invest in Bavaria is making a vital contribution to boosting rural regions in Bavaria. Their future viability depends decisively on whether people living outside densely populated areas can find attractive work”, explained Katja Hessel, Bavaria’s Vice-Minister of Economic Affairs.

Born and bred in Nuremberg, Vice-Minister Hessel is also delighted to see that the Franconian administrative districts continued to perform very well in 2012 as well. With 30 per cent of all new jobs created, the benefits for Franconia are precisely in line with its pro rata gross domestic product. Expressed in absolute figures, the number of jobs newly created there rose from a good 500 to over 600. “Our aim is to further increase the volume of new jobs. This will mean stepping up our commitment and engagement in North Bavaria”, Hessel announced. Invest in Bavaria will shortly be opening a regional office in Nuremberg that will further intensify contact with the counties in the north and northeast of Bavaria, break new ground in the field of company acquisitions and implement projects in collaboration with local responsible partners.

As in past years, most of the investment projects came from other federal states. Among the foreign countries of origin, China leads the field – as it did last year – closely followed by Japan, Russia, USA and India. From an industry perspective, the number of projects from the services sector has doubled since 2011 and this sector now ranks ahead of projects from the fields of information and communications technology, the automobile industry and mechanical engineering and industrial equipment.

Invest in Bavaria is the Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria. With a staff of some 25 employees and four liaison offices in the key countries of USA, Japan and India, it is in charge of marketing and company acquisitions for the business location of Bavaria. Invest in Bavaria manages not only investment projects, but also expansions and it acts as a direct point of contact for both German and foreign companies. On the strength of its customer- and service-oriented approach, the State of Bavaria can position itself as the number one choice for attracting new business in the face of increasingly intensive international competition for sites.  

Source: Invest in Bavaria