Invest in Bavaria looks back on a successful 2016

Apr 24, 2017
Aigner: “Bavaria is attractive to companies all over the world as an investment location / Focusing on digitalisation is paying off”

MUNICH   Invest in Bavaria, the business development agency for the State of Bavaria, achieved its second best year since it has existed with 90 new settlements and 25 successful company expansions last year. In the process, more than 2,500 new jobs were created straight away and 3,650 jobs were secured. Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner: “Social justice means giving people opportunities for work. Invest in Bavaria contributed to giving 6,000 people in the state of Bavaria a job and prospects last year alone: that’s just, social and the right approach. The result is all the more remarkable when the jobs per settlement project are increasingly declining in worldwide comparison over many years. We have been able to compensate for this effect with a higher number of settlement projects. Bavaria is attractive to companies all over the world because we provide the right incentives and basic conditions.”  
Invest in Bavaria supported 121 projects in total in 2016. The acquisition focused on digitalisation with roughly 40 successful company settlements, followed by high-tech industries, such as automotive, aerospace and electrical engineering. At the same time, the settlement cases are not just recruited from immediate neighbouring states but from 24 different countries of origin all over the world: Number one was France last year with 14 successful settlements, followed by the USA (13), China (11) and Japan (10).
“The past year has shown that global competition is making ever stronger progress and globalisation is striding ahead ever faster. Munich is of major importance as a top European location, for international high-tech companies in particular. The settlement of international, major corporations such as IBM or GE therefore has a ripple effect throughout Bavaria. In addition, Invest in Bavaria specifically advertises our other outstanding locations, particularly in rural regions,” continues Aigner. The figures also prove this. It is pleasing that roughly a third of the newly created jobs are in rural regions.
“Invest in Bavaria is and remains a successful model: in the past 18 years since it was founded, one project has been successfully completed every four days and approx. 50 new jobs have been created every week,” says the Minister.