GE invests EUR 115 million in Bavaria

Apr 23, 2017
Aigner: “This is a clear commitment to the high-tech location of Bavaria”

MUNICH   The US corporation General Electric (GE) is strengthening its activities in additive production in Bavaria. “GE is investing EUR 115 million in Bavaria. This is a clear commitment to the high-tech location of Bavaria. 3D metal printing is being expanded in Lichtenfels with roughly EUR 100 million. Capacities are being almost doubled here. Garching is benefiting from another 15 million. As a result, roughly 750 new highly qualified jobs in total are being created in Bavaria,” says Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner.
Additive production doesn’t just increase the efficiency of industrial processes but also offers new possibilities for product design. Aigner continues: “Processes like 3D printing are one of the major drivers of innovation in the age of digitalisation and Bavaria is a world-leading location for Industry 4.0. Thanks to the commitment from GE we are continuing to build on this competitive edge in terms of expertise.”