French HCM consultancy and software developer NeoSpheres opens its branch in Munich

Aug 01, 2013
Niggl: "Talent management – French HR expertise for our state"

MUNICH   NeoSpheres – a French HCM consultancy firm with its own software solution – brings the first holistic community-based human resources and development management system for SMEs to Bavaria.

The growing challenge presented by demographic change and the lack of skilled workers requires medium-sized companies in particular to look for, retain and develop their talents in a targeted way. Founded in Paris three years ago, NeoSpheres has developed its own cloud-based and community-based software solution, MySpheres, for this very purpose. It offers companies a uniform platform for all human resources processes – from acquisition and development to performance assessment and exchanging information together. This community-based approach allows companies who are members of the user community to share selected parts of the range of development services with one another and is thus able to address the needs of small and medium-sized companies specifically. The product has already been fully adapted for the German market and active sales activities have begun. "We are currently bringing the solution approach we developed ourselves into play in the first consultancy projects. There is nothing comparable on the market at the moment," says Managing Director Frank Thies.

NeoSpheres now also hopes to give Bavaria's medium-sized companies the tools they need from its new office in Munich. "SMEs in particular always have to fight hard for qualified staff. Talent management creates competitive advantages, and is not limited to employing top talents: employers need to tie staff to the company in the long term. The MySpheres solution offers the opportunity to develop staff further and to identify and promote talents, while also providing clearly-defined costs and running times," says Frank Thies. "I am sure that the companies in Bavaria will benefit from our innovative solutions for a long time."

According to the Managing Director, there were two key elements that influenced their choice of Munich as a location. "Munich and the region offer a large pool of skilled workers with experience in software and the HCM business. In addition, we work the market not only in Germany, but also in Austria and Switzerland. Munich is in a perfect central location in that respect."

"Bavaria is a high technology location. This could not be the case without its highly-qualified skilled workers," says Johann Niggl, Head of Invest in Bavaria, the Business Promotion Agency of the Free State of Bavaria. "Far-sighted talent management can help the state to remain so in the future. I am delighted that NeoSpheres is contributing to this and wish them a successful start to their business activities in Bavaria!"