Fourth call for “Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in Bavaria” applications

May 13, 2019
Aiwanger: "Publicly accessible charging facilities as quickly as possible throughout Bavaria."

MUNICH The fourth call in the Bavarian "Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles" funding programme has been launched. Natural and legal persons, including municipalities, may still submit applications in this phase until 28 June 2019. In addition to the installation of the charging station, the funding also includes the mains connection and installation.

Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs and Energy Hubert Aiwanger: "The success of electromobility depends on access to charging stations. We are making around three million euros available for the fourth call so that the charging infrastructure can be created not just in the conurbations but in rural areas too. This will enable us to set up a comprehensive network of charging stations all over Bavaria as quickly as possible, accessible to everyone."

Aiwanger continues: "We have deliberately designed the call openly so that virtually everyone is eligible to apply, from retailers to restaurants and local authorities to energy suppliers. The funds are there, now it’s time to rise to the challenge and use them."

Bavaria has provided a total of more than six million euros over the last three calls for funding applications. Just under 450 recipients of subsidies are constructing 1,090 charging stations with almost 2,000 charging points and investing a total of around 16 million euros.

The Bavarian funding programme complements the corresponding federal programme. The “Ladeatlas Bayern” provides more information on where the charging stations are located. It now lists over 3,000 publicly accessible charging locations in Bavaria.

The "Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in Bavaria" funding programme is coordinated and implemented by the Electromobility Centre of Excellence at Bayern Innovativ GmbH.