Emergency aid programme for businesses damaged by flooding

Jun 18, 2013
Hessel: "Financial help for companies available immediately"
MUNICH   Bavaria's Secretary of State for the Economy, Katja Hessel, today gave the go-ahead for the Free State's aid programme for companies and freelancers who have suffered flood damage. "Those affected by the flooding can call upon financial assistance to repair the damage and rebuild their company, without bureaucracy and with immediate effect. The state government only passed this programme last Wednesday, and it is already being launched today," says the Secretary of State. Hessel believes that this fast turnaround shows that none of those affected will be left to deal with their fate alone. "Companies can rely on us to stand by them at this difficult time."

The emergency aid programme for the Bavarian economy was passed by the Economics Ministry and is available for companies with up to 500 staff. Hessel: "Where damage amounts to over EUR 5,000, companies affected can receive 50 per cent of the reimbursable expenses. The maximum grant is EUR 100,000, or EUR 200,000 for companies whose existence is threatened." The payments are processed by district administrative authorities and are limited to non-insurable damage. The Bavarian state government's full aid package for companies and freelancers who have suffered flood damage also includes 'immediate aid' of up to EUR 5,000 and a hardship fund for particular hardship. Tax support measures are also available. Hessel: "We are also backing up the Free State's flood aid with measures from the LfA Förderbank Bayern. These include, for example, preferable conditions as part of the medium-sized company credit programme."