Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil, on the latest studies by the Vereinigung der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (vbw)

Sep 11, 2013
Zeil: "Customised economic policy for Bavarian companies"
MUNICH   Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil, believes that the latest vbw studies on location quality and the challenges Bavarian economic policy will face in the future endorse the route he is taking. "When 97 per cent of companies say they would choose the state for their location again, that is outstanding confirmation of our economic policy. And we have already set the right course in areas where the companies still see challenges and room for improvement," says Zeil.
According to the latest vbw study, "Location Bavaria: Business Perspectives", a sufficient number of qualified professionals and well-trained young people is the top priority for Bavarian companies. The companies also see expanding opportunities for further training and driving the broadband initiative forward as key building blocks for securing growth and prosperity in Bavaria. Zeil: "We are already responding to this in the right way with our high investment in the digitalisation of the state and in in-company education and training. We will continue to expand on this commitment. In rural areas and in northern Bavaria in particular, we have become more active in these fields, as demographic change there means that there is a particular need for action.

When it comes to financing measures in economic policy, a majority of the companies want us to stick to our policy of savings and to pay for the necessary investment through regrouping in the budget. "This shows that the companies appreciate our stable financial policy and that we need to retain this strategy in order to position Bavaria as a top international location in the future, too," said the Minister.