Bavaria's 'Electromobility and Innovative Drive Technologies' funding programme comes into effect

Jun 01, 2014
Aigner: "We are making efforts to safeguard and expand the innovation leadership of Bavarian companies"

MUNICH   The new Bavarian funding programme 'Electromobility and Innovative Drive Technologies for Mobile Applications' (BayEMA) was launched today. The programme promotes research and development for vehicles with innovative drive concepts and gives companies and research institutions incentives to distribute these innovative technologies in the transport sector more quickly. Electromobility and other innovative drive technologies are thus receiving greater support, in addition to other vehicle drive mechanisms, which have mainly been conventional up to now. Bavaria's Technology Minister, Ilse Aigner: "With this programme, we want to motivate companies in Bavaria to invest in the future topics of electromobility and innovative drive technologies, develop financially feasible products and accelerate their introduction to the market."

The funding programme covers the following topics: electromobility, engine technology, drive technology, tank and storage technologies, consumption and exhaust gas modification measures and hybrid technologies. With forward-looking projects like this, sustainable mobility is achievable, believes Aigner. The Ministry of Technology is providing EUR 3.7 million for association funding projects every year. More information at