Bavaria and the Chinese province of Sichuan agree to further deepen their trade relations

May 24, 2019
Aiwanger: “With 100 million inhabitants, Sichuan is attractive for Bavarian business“

MUNICH  Bavaria will further expand the commercial exchange with the Chinese province of Sichuan. Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger agreed upon this with his Chinese counterpart Liu Xin at a meeting in Munich. “Sichuan, with 100 million inhabitants and a wide range of industries, is economically the strongest and most dynamic region in western China. It is therefore of great interest to our Bavarian companies, many of which are already active there. With our branch, founded in 2018, of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, and with the agreement signed between Mr Liu and I for the deepening of our cooperation, we want in future to give even better support to trading on a fair level between Bavaria and Sichuan“, said Aiwanger. With a direct rail connection between Chengdu and Nuremberg, there already exists a cheap and fast transport route for intensifying trade, a further advantage for closer partnership between Bavaria and Chengdu.
The ministers met for a discussion in the framework of a visit by a 120-strong Chinese delegation. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs is also host for the economic forum of the delegation from Sichuan. Aiwanger: “With the signing of several agreements for concrete projects between Bavarian and Chinese partners and the establishing of new company contacts, this economic forum will provide important impetus for the agreed deepening of relations between both regions. Good relations with politicians and dynamic trading with the high-growth region of Sichuan will help to secure the future of the strongly export-oriented business location of Bavaria. In view of the current global developments, this now appears more important than ever.“
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